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Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Visual Arts

Admission Requirements

Completion of 1.0 first-year requirements including Studio Art 1601 or Studio Art 1605, or the former Visual Arts Studio 1020 or the former Visual Arts Studio 1025, or 1.0 course from either Art History 1640 or the former Visual Arts History 1040, or two of Art History 1641A/B, Art History 1642A/B, Art History 1644A/B, Art History 1646A/B, Art History 1648A/B, Art History 1649A/B or the former Visual Arts History 1041A/B, Visual Arts History 1042A/B, Visual Arts History 1043A/B, Visual Arts History 1045A/B, Visual Arts History 1045A/B, with a minimum grade of 60% in the course.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:

Students may choose 4.0 courses from one, two or all three subject areas.

Art History:
Art History 2508F/G, Art History 2600F/G, Art History 2672F/G, Art History 2674F/G, Art History 3620F/G, Art History 3630F/G, Art History 3672F/G, Art History 3674F/G, Art History 4622F/G, Art History 4630F/G, Art History 4640F/G, Art History 4642F/G, Art History 4650F/G.

Museum and Curatorial Studies:
Museum and Curatorial Studies 2610F/G, Museum and Curatorial Studies 2690F/G, Museum and Curatorial Studies 2691E, Museum and Curatorial Studies 3610F/G.

Studio Art:
Studio Art 2500A/B, Studio Art 2504Y, Studio Art 2600F/G, Studio Art 2670A/B, Studio Art 2676A/B, Studio Art 3640A/B, Studio Art 3670A/B, Studio Art 3674A/B, Studio Art 3676A/B, Studio Art 4642A/B, Studio Art 4670A/B.

With Special Permission from the Department, students may include 1.0 courses from other Departments that contain relevant investigations into social and environmental issues in visual culture.

When the Minor in Social and Environmental Justice in the Visual Arts is combined with another module offered by the Department of Visual Arts a maximum of 1.0 courses may count towards both modules.