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Academic Calendar 2013 FACULTIES FACULTY OF ENGINEERING INTERDEPARTMENTAL PROGRAMS B. Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business Option

B. Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business Option
Admission Requirements
Normally, students apply to the HBA program during their second year in Engineering by the published deadline. Application for the combined program is made during the first year in the HBA program. Students applying to the Ivey Business School's Academic Excellence Opportunity (AEO) are also eligible to be considered for the combined program. Admission to the program is competitive and limited. Upon completion of the program students will receive two degrees: a BA in Honors Business Administration and a BESc degree.

To be eligible for the combined program, all students, including those admitted via the AEO route, must have completed all the requirements of the first year curriculum in the Faculty of Engineering and the second year program in Option A of the Mechatronic Systems Engineering Program. Students must obtain a weighted average (YWA) of 78% in each year.

During the second year of the Engineering program students are required to complete Business Administration 2257 with a minimum grade of 70%. Mechatronic Systems Engineering students may take Business Administration 2257 during Intersession either after their first or second year. Demonstrated participation in extra-curricular and/or community activities, leadership and work experience are also admission criteria.

Progression Standards
Students in this combined program must meet the following progression standards: Students enrolled in first year HBA (Year Three) must attain at least 78%.
In Years Four and Five, students must attain a minimum weighted average of 75% in their 4000 level HBA courses and a 75% average in their Engineering courses.

Failure to Meet Progression Standards
A student who fails to meet the progression standards in any year must withdraw from the combined program. However, a student who has met the progression standards of either the HBA or BESc program will be allowed to proceed to the next year of that program. If the progression standards of both individual programs have been satisfied, the student may continue in either program and may petition the School or Faculty whose program was not selected for permission to complete that program at a later date. A student who is required to withdraw from the concurrent program and wishes to pursue either or both of the individual programs, must complete all the degree requirements of the individual program or programs in order to graduate from that/those program(s).

First Year Program
Regular first year curriculum in the Engineering program.

Second Year Program
Applied Mathematics 2415, Computer Science 1037A/B, ECE 2205A/B, MME 2202A/B, MME 2204A/B, MSE 2201A/B, MSE 2233A/B, MME 2213A/B, Statistical Sciences 2143A/B, MSE 2202A/B, Business Administration 2257

Third Year Program
Business Administration 3300K, 3301K, 3302K, 3303K, 3304K, 3307K, 3311K, 3316K, 3321K, 3322K, 3323K.

Fourth Year Program

Applied Mathematics 3415A/B, ECE 3330A/B, ECE 3332A/B, ECE 2277A/B, MME 3381A/B, MSE 3301A/B, ECE 3331A/B, ECE 3375A/B, MME 3360A/B, MME 3380A/B, MSE 3302A/B.

Applied Project Requirement: Business Administration 4569

Fifth Year Program
MSE 4499, MSE 4401A/B, ES 4498F/G, two 0.5 TE from the approved list.

3.0 Business Administration courses:
0.5 course: International Perspective Requirement: Business Administration 4505A/B.
0.5 course: Corporations and Society Perspective Requirement: at least one 0.5 course from Business Administration 4521A/B, 4522A/B, 4523A/B or other business elective as determined and approved by the HBA Program Director to satisfy this requirement.
2.0 elective courses chosen from 4000 level Business courses.
Approved Technical Electives: ECE 4460A/B, ECE 4457A/B, ECE 4469A/B

Exchange Programs
Students enrolled in the combined program are not eligible for an exchange program with the Faculty of Engineering; however, they may be eligible for an exchange through the Richard Ivey School of Business in Year Five. This will require advanced planning and approval of both faculties.
Academic Calendar 2013 FACULTIES FACULTY OF ENGINEERING INTERDEPARTMENTAL PROGRAMS B. Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Business Option
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