Moot Court Program

The moot court program enables students to argue hypothetical cases before an appellate court. The program is designed to provide students with invaluable experience in legal research, the preparation of appellate documents and the preparation and presentation of oral argument.

The program is compulsory for first year students and is a component of the small group program in first year. Students in second and third year are encouraged to participate in the voluntary moot court program that is organized and conducted by the students themselves through The University of Western Ontario Student Legal Society. Members of the Bench and of the practising Bar, giving generously of their time and talents, sit as judges and offer to the participants their advice and constructive criticism, based on years of experience in advocacy.

There are annual competitions in mooting, at the national level in the Gale Cup Moot, the Laskin Moot and the Canadian Corporate-Securities Law Moot and at the international level, in the Niagara Moot (involving law students from the U.S. and Canada) and in the Jessup International Moot. Members of the mooting teams receive three academic credits for participation in these events. Students who make up these teams are selected among from the best students in the voluntary program.

Mock Trial Program

This voluntary program offers students in second and third year an opportunity to prepare and conduct mock trials, based on actual and hypothetical cases. In this way the student obtains experience in gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and examining witnesses at trial. The Faculty is particularly fortunate to have the co- operation of the Bench, the Bar, Court officials, the police and various citizens of London who contribute their time to act as judges, officials, witnesses and jury members in the program.

Client Counselling Program

This voluntary program, open to second and third year students, develops students' skills in interviewing and counselling clients. Competitions are held within the Faculty of Law, with citizens of London acting as clients and members of the bar acting as judges. The winner of the intramural competition will compete in the regional final, which includes students from law schools in the north-eastern United States and central Canada. This is followed by the national final competition held in the United States. The Competitions are sponsored by the American Bar Association.

Community Legal Services

Since its inception in 1969, Community Legal Services (formerly the Student Legal Aid Society) has been involved in providing necessary legal services to the community, while at the same time giving law students an insight into the practicalities of the legal profession. Students handle cases dealing with a variety of summary convictions, criminal, quasi-criminal, and civil legal problems pursuant to the regulations governing the provision of Legal Aid in Ontario. The students are advised and assisted by senior students, a full-time review lawyer, and the Director. First year students can gain experience in dealing with Landlord/Tenant problems. There are three Clinical Legal Education programs connected with the Community Legal Services program.

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