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DAN Management & Organizational Studies
Faculty of Social Science

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Social Science Centre 4330
Western University


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Students may choose between two degree options – a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) HONOURS DEGREE or a FOUR-YEAR SPECIALIZATION DEGREE. MOS offers a 20.0 course Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) Degree as an Honours Specialization or Double Major (BMOS Honours Degree) or a BMOS Specialization (BMOS Four-Year Degree) providing students with a four-year degree combining management and social science courses using an evidence-based management approach and drawing on social science methodologies.  Evidence-based management stresses the study of managerial decisions and organizational practices informed by the combination of best available management research, facts specific to the situation, practitioner experience and judgment, and ethics and values. The Commercial Aviation Management module allows students who select the Flight Training option the opportunity to obtain a Commercial Pilot's License.

Students applying to MOS with the Ontario Four-Year Grade 12 curriculum must complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma including:  completion of six Grade 12U or M courses, including English (ENG4U) and two of either Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and  Vectors (MCV4U) and Math of Data Management (MDM4U). Although Calculus is not required for admission, students admitted to MOS without a Calculus background may be required to take Mathematics 0110A/B in addition to two half-courses in Mathematics at the 1000-level during first year in order to meet certain course/module requirements.
Students may not apply into any of the BMOS modules when they apply for admission to the University.  After first year, students registered in MOS may apply to a BMOS Specialization (BMOS Four-Year Degree) if a 65% cumulative average is attained. After first year, students registered in MOS who wish to apply to the BMOS Honours Degree (Honours Specialization or Double Major) must meet the Admission Requirements for the module they wish to apply to.  BMOS students applying to transfer from an Affiliated University College must meet the Main Campus Admission Requirements as outlined in the Academic Calendar.