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English, French and Writing

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with no failures. Students must have an average of at least 70% in 3.0 principal courses, including 1.0 course from English 1000 to 1999 plus 2.0 additional courses, with no mark in these principal courses below 60%. (Principal courses refers to the next two courses with the highest grades).

Module/Program Information

10.0 courses:

2.0 courses from: English 2301E, English 2401E, English 2501E, English 2601E, (or the former English 2307E, English 2308E, English 2309E, English 2310E).
0.5 course: English 2299F/G (mandatory in Year 2).
0.5 course taken in Year 2 from: English 2200F/G, English 2201F/G, English 2202F/G, English 2230F/G or the former English 2210F/G.
0.5 course from: English 2203F/G, (can be counted if the student gets 75% or higher), English 3200F/G, English 3201F/G, English 3206F/G, English 3209F/G, English 3261F/G, English 3891F/G, the former English 2220F/G, the former English 2240F/G, the former English 2250F/G.
3.0 courses with a minimum of 1.0 from each of groups A and B.

Group A: English 3300, English 3310, English 3318E, English 3319F/G, English 3328E, English 3329F/G, English 3339F/G, or the former English 3001, the former English 3012, the former English 3115E, the former English 3116E, the former English 3224E, the former English 3228F/G; English 3345E, English 3347E, English 3348F/G, English 3349F/G, or the former English 3334E, the former English 3335E, the former English 3336F/G;
Group B: English 3560E, English 3355E, English 3359F/G, English 3368E, English 3369F/G, or the former English 3444E, the former English 3445E, the former English 3446F/G; English 3376E, English 3377E, English 3378F/G, English 3379F/G, or the former English 3554E, the former English 3555E, the former English 3557F/G; English 3479F/G, English 3498E, English 3499F/G, or the former English 3665E, the former English 3667F/G, the former English 3668F/G; English 3579F/G, English 3599F/G, English 3669E, English 3679F/G, English 3680F/G, English 3698F/G, English 3700E, English 3702E, English 3774E, English 3775E, English 3776F/G, English 3884E, or the former English 3777F/G.

0.5 course from: American Sign Language 1030A/B, English 2262F/G, English 3556E, English 3776F/G, English 3998E, English 3999F/G, Western Thought and Civilization 2901E, Western Thought and Civilization 3901F/G/Z, Western Thought and Civilization 4901F/G/Z, Speech 2001, Writing 2301F/G/Z.

Note: Students who have completed credits in a second-language may count 0.5 credits from those courses towards completion of these requirements.

1.0 course from: English 2400E, English 3560E, English 3330E, English 3338E, English 3490F/G, English 3556E or English 3776F/G, or the former English 2440E, the former English 3226E, the former English 3227E, the former English 3666F/G.
1.0 course from: English at the 4000 level.
1.0 course from: English essay course at the 2000 level or above.

Note: English 2017 may not be counted toward the Honours Specialization in English. French or a second language is recommended for students intending to apply to graduate schools or professional programs.

Note: Students may only count English 3560E and English 3776F/G once towards their module.