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Management and Organizational Studies 2227A/B


This course is an integrated introduction to accounting principles and practices. It is designed to help students begin to understand accounting information, along with its uses and limitations. This course is to provide students with an integrated framework for preparing, analyzing and interpreting the financial statements.

Antirequisite(s): Business Administration 2257.

Prerequisite(s): 5.0 courses at University level, and enrollment in the Specialization in Financial Economics, Major in Finance, Minor in Finance, or BMOS program.

Extra Information: 3 lecture hours. Note: Students interested in pursuing an HBA Degree at the Richard Ivey School of Business should not take this course in second year as Ivey does not recognize this course as part of the HBA degree. Instead, students should take Business Administration 2257 as required by Ivey.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: MOS

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