Academic Calendar - 2023

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2023


Management and Organizational Studies - Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Admission Requirements

Students may not apply directly to a BMOS SPECIALIZATION when they apply for admission to the University.

After first, second, or third year, students applying for a BMOS SPECIALIZATION must have:

a) achieved an average of at least 70% on the last 5.0 courses;
b) obtained a passing grade for each course required for admission to the module, and a passing grade in each elective course;
c) a minimum cumulative average of 65%.

5.0 first-year courses:

1.0 course: Business Administration 1220E.
1.0 course from: Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, Mathematics 1228A/B, Mathematics 1229A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B.
1.0 course from: Writing 1021F/G, Writing 1025F/G or designated essay course numbered 1000-1999E or F/G.
2.0 courses: numbered 1000-1999. Students who wish to enroll in the Marketing and Sustainability program after First year are encouraged to take one or more of the First- or Second-year courses from the Marketing and Sustainability requirements group or the Interdisciplinary Perspectives group mentioned below.

Module/Program Information

10.5 courses:

3.0 courses from the Marketing and Sustainability requirements group

0.5 course normally taken in second year: MOS 2320A/B*.
1.5 courses from: MOS 3321F/G; MOS 3423F/G, MOS 3420F/G
1.0 courses from: MOS 3322F/G, MOS 3323A/B, MOS 4498A/B.

5.0 courses from the Long-term Strategic Success group

3.0 courses normally taken in second year: Business Administration 2257 or MOS 2227A/B and MOS 2228A/B, MOS 2242A/B, MOS 2181A/B, MOS 2182F/G, MOS 2275A/B.
1.5 courses normally taken in third or fourth year: MOS 3310A/B*, MOS 3330A/B, MOS 4410A/B.
0.5 courses from: MOS 2299F/G, MOS 2235A/B, MOS 3332A/B, MOS 3335A/B, MOS 3331A/B, MOS 3353F/G, MOS 3401F/G, MOS 4488A/B, MOS 2198A/B, MOS 3398A/B, MOS 4404A/B, MOS 4489F/G, MOS 4498A/B.

1.0 courses from the Knowledge in Sustainability group (some courses may require a prerequisite or department permission in advance of enrollment)

0.5 course normally taken in first or second year from: Environmental Science 1021F/G, Geography 2133A/B, GLE 2004F/G, Geography 2153A/B, Geography 2162A/B, Geography 2310A/B.
0.5 course normally taken in third or fourth year from: Centre for Global Studies 3531F/G, Geography 3446F/G, Geography 3350A/B, Geography 3432A/B, Geography 3461F/G.

1.5 courses from the Interdisciplinary Perspectives group (some courses may require a prerequisite or department permission or have antirequisites in advance of

1.5 courses from: Chinese 2250, Chinese 2252A/B, Japanese 2250, Japanese 2251A/B, French 1910, French 2900, French 2107A/B, French 2905A/B, French 2906A/B, Arabic 2050A/B, Arabic 2250, Spanish 2200, Italian 2220A/B, Korean 2200, German 2220A/B, Philosophy 2074F/G, Philosophy 2253A/B, Philosophy 3850F/G, History 2125F/G, History 2813F/G, History 4202F/G, Political Science 2231E, Political Science 2257, Geography 2143A/B, Geography 2420A/B, Geography 2430A/B, Global Great Books 3001F/G, CGS 2002F/G, CGS 2004F/G, CGS 3516F/G, CGS 3519F/G, CGS 3520F/G, CGS 3522F/G, CGS 3525F/G, CGS 3527F/G, CGS 3528F/G, CGS 3533F/G, Economics 2124A/B, Economics 2125A/B, Economics 2154A/B, Economics 3352A/B, Economics 3370A/B, Writing 2101F/G, Psychology 2070A/B, Psychology 3722F/G.

Note: * Students interested in pursuing an HBA Degree at the Ivey Business School must defer MOS 2310A/B/MOS 3310A/B and MOS 2320A/B/MOS 3320A/B until Year 3 (or summer of Year 2). These two courses will not count towards the 10.0 credits required for admission to the HBA Program and are discouraged for those students continuing on to the Ivey Business School. Students continuing in MOS must complete MOS 2310A/B/MOS 3310A/B and MOS 2320A/B/MOS 3320A/B in Year 3 (or summer of Year 2) prior to enrolling in MOS courses for which these courses are the prerequisite.


Progression Requirements

To remain in a BMOS SPECIALIZATION, students must have maintained a minimum cumulative average of 65%.

In order to be readmitted to the BMOS Specialization, students must complete 5.0 additional courses in another discipline, achieve a minimum average of 70% in their last 5.0 courses, and have a minimum cumulative average of 65%.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a BMOS SPECIALIZATION degree, students must have achieved a minimum cumulative modular average of 65% on the 20.0 courses counted towards a BMOS SPECIALIZATION degree. Students with advanced standing must have achieved an overall average of 65% on courses completed at this University.

All students require 2.0 designated essay courses (E, F or G; at least 1.0 of which must be a senior course numbered 2000-4999) and 1.0 course from each of the Categories A, B and C.