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Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Medieval Studies

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from Medieval Studies 1022, the former Medieval Studies 1020E, or both of Medieval Studies 1025A/B and Medieval Studies 1026A/B, with a mark of at least 60%. Students should consult with the Academic Counselling Office of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities prior to admission.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:

1.0 course from: Classical Studies 2200, Classical Studies 2350A/B, Classical Studies 2480A/B, Classical Studies 3050F/G, Classical Studies 3303F/G, Classical Studies 3450E, Classical Studies 3490F/G, Classical Studies 3555E, Classical Studies 4580F/G, Classical Studies 4585F/G; History 2401E, History 2403E, History 2607F/G, History 2650E, History 2818F/G, History 2821F/G, History 3401E, History 3602F/G, History 3605E, History 3621F/G, History 4603F/G; Music 3700A/B; Philosophy 2014, Philosophy 2202F/G, Philosophy 2205W/X, Philosophy 2214, Philosophy 3012F/G, Philosophy 3014F/G; Religious Studies 2126F/G, Religious Studies 2204F/G, Religious Studies 2285F/G, Religious Studies 2297A/B; Theological Studies 3331F/G; Art History 2620F/G, Art History 2622F/G, Art History 3620F/G, the former Philosophy 4023F/G.
1.0 course from: Comparative Literature and Culture 2141A/B, Comparative Literature and Culture 2142A/B, Comparative Literature and Culture 3340F/G, Comparative Literature and Culture 3341F/G, Comparative Literature and Culture 3342F/G, Comparative Literature and Culture 3361F/G, Comparative Literature and Culture 3380F/G; English 2076F/G, English 3300, English 3310, English 3315E, English 3316E, English 3318E, English 3319F/G, English 3320F/G, English 3321F/G, English 3322F/G, English 3323F/G, English 3326F/G, English 3327A/B, English 3328E, English 3330E; French 3540F/G/Z, French 3541F/G/Z, French 3542F/G/Z, French 3560F/G, French 3561F/G, French 3562F/G, French 4040A/B, German 3341F/G.
2.0 additional courses from those listed above or senior-level courses in Medieval Studies on an approved list*, Medieval Studies 3901F/G, Medieval Studies 3902A/B, or Latin 2000** (1.0 of these 2.0 courses may also be taken through study abroad, e.g., at Poitiers for an intensive Latin course, or engaging in a relevant archaeological dig in Europe or the Middle East.)

* The approved list may be found in the Academic Counselling Office in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
** Students considering any graduate program in Medieval Studies are encouraged to take at least Latin 2000 as part of their undergraduate degree.

Note: Maximum of 1.0 course may be taken in one subject. Some courses in this module may require prerequisites not required for admission; students are advised to check course prerequisites carefully.