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Students will acquire a developed knowledge and critical understanding of interdisciplinary concepts and skills in leadership, in addition to a focus on character development and the activation of personal and professional purpose. Students will leave this Certificate program with foundational leadership competencies, a grounding in and awareness of the scholarship on leader character and how to develop character within themselves, and an articulated purpose they can put into action in service of their teams, organizations, communities, and society at large.

Admission Requirements

The Certificate is open to all Western University and Affiliated University College students. To be eligible for admission, students must complete their first-year requirements with a minimum average of 70%. In addition, students must complete the application form on the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership website ( Leadership experience is not required to apply. Student leaders and equity-deserving students are encouraged to apply. Admission is not guaranteed; enrolment in the Certificate is limited.

 Note: Students pursuing an undergraduate degree at the Ivey Business School are not eligible to apply to the Certificate.

Module/Program Information

To complete the Certificate in Purpose-Driven Leadership, students must complete the following 3.0 courses with a minimum average of at least 70%, with no grade below 60%.

3.0 courses:

1.5 courses: Business Administration 4500A/B, Business Administration 4677A/B, Business Administration 4773A/B.
1.5 courses from: Centre for Global Studies 3514F/G, Centre for Global Studies 3529F/G, Engineering Leadership and Innovation 4100A/B, English 2018A/B, English 2019A/B, Global Great Books 3300F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2001F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2002F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2003F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2005F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2010F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3001F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3002F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3003F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3007F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 4001E, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 4010F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 4011F/G, Health Sciences 4490A/B, History 2712F/G, History 3226F/G, Human Ecology 3349A/B, Integrated Science 4001Y, Kinesiology 2298A/B, Kinesiology 2991A/B, Kinesiology 3335, Kinesiology 3398F/G, Kinesiology 3510F/G, Leadership Studies 2210F/G, Leadership Studies 2233A/B, Leadership Studies 2330A/B, Leadership Studies 3330F/G, Leadership Studies 3331F/G, Leadership Studies 3333A/B, Leadership Studies 4330A/B, Leadership Studies 4333A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 2155A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 2181A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 2182F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 2185A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 3280F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 3350A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 3351F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 3388A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 3396A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 4469A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 4479A/B, Management and Organizational Studies 4481F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 4485F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 4499A/B/Y, Nursing 4440A/B, Philosophy 2700F/G, Philosophy 2720F/G, Political Science 2292F/G, Political Science 3320E, Political Science 4216F/G, Psychology 2035A/B, Psychology 2061A/B, Psychology 2660A/B, Religious Studies 2288E, Science 3377A/B, Social Justice and Peace Studies 3320E, Sociology 2107A/B, Sociology 2166A/B, Sociology 2190F/G, Sociology 3314F/G, Sociology 3335A/B, Sociology 3350F/G, Sociology 4420F/G, Sociology 4422F/G, Sociology 4466F/G.

Some courses may have prerequisites required for admission; students are advised to check course prerequisites carefully.

Related Information

This certficate will be available starting September 1, 2025.